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This image called 'Faith' was taken in Hockley Woods, Essex during November 2011.

It is dedicated to a member of our team, whom continues a very brave battle against cancer :-(

For me, the shot is a reminder, that when we are going through troubled times in our lives, and we cannot see the wood for the trees, that just maybe we should stop looking, and turn to the light.

This image is available in all of our other formats, however, if it is purchased on our high quality canvas, at 20" X 30" X 38mm deep, for 49.99GBP, then EVERY penny of any sale proceed will be going to Southend Hospital Breast Care Unit, based in Essex.

Due to the nature of the sale of this image, the price for it has been exempt from any price increases and has been frozen at 2013 prices, therefore, please message me with any purchase enquiry, rather than paying for it via the drop-down boxes.

The team at the hospital have been amazing during a very difficult time, and we would like your support to give something back.

Best Wishes

James Candavale

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